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Creative Therapies

Your wounded parts + your inner creative parts + support from our professional creative therapists=Powerful therapeutic army to battle whatever monsters you have from your past, present and future!!!!

Art Class

Art Therapy

Art therapy is NOT just for children!!! All adults have at least one childlike part in us as well. This part can be a creative part that enjoys creative expressions.  This part can also turn into a wounded "monster-like" part as it  carries weight and burdens. This part may need some support to be unburdened, however our logical adult language may not be able to access this part all the time as this part doesn't understand rational/intellectual shenanigans...


Art Therapy may be the magic to "speak to" the wounded childlike part as its the limbic/emotional language children use.

In art therapy, making pretty things is not a priority. Art therapy is more about how we use art to express ourselves and our perspectives. Art-making is a mindful and fun process in a contained space to engage in your internal world with sensations and somatic experiences. As we explore your artwork, we gain deeper insights into the story behind your art.

When the monster like part feels understood, you will gain insights to solve conflicts, manage behavior, improve self-esteem, develop self-awareness, manage stress, develop interpersonal skills, cultivate self-compassion

Narrative Therapy

Do you like stories? Perhaps you're already an expert in telling other people's stories. What about your own story? Narrative therapy is a creative style of therapy that helps you become—and embrace being—an expert in your own lives. 

Piano Keyboard

Music Therapy

If you're into music, you are already using music to express your emotional, social, relational needs and challenges. Music therapy can be incredibly helpful and powerful when we struggle to talk about difficult experiences, especially when we may not always have the words to express how we truly feel. Music allows us to tap into our inner child and creativity.

In music therapy, our music therapists use a combination of improvisation, lyric-analysis, music composition, and sound healing to supplement the verbal processing of talk therapy.


Together, we will practice how to redirect your OWN positive energy from music to heal other wounded parts.

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