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Support Group

Support group

Together, we share common problems, and we can help each other heal and grow.
We don't have to go through difficult life challenges alone.

Power of Support Groups 

  • Feel less lonely, isolated, or judged

  • Process distress, depression, anxiety, and stress together

  • Talk openly and honestly about your worries

  • Learn skills to cope with challenges 

  • Practice social skills

  • Stay motivated and motivate others 

  • Learn to share valuable resources with each other

  • Get practical feedback about difficult life decisions you're about to make 

  • Empower each other 

We carefully screen and select group members with similar feelings, worries, and life challenges, likely to have common purposes.

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Cartoon Camp

Graduation Readiness Support Group

Career exploration for international professions.

Watercolor Plants

Mandarin Art Therapy Group

Heal through your inner creativity.

Oversized Fashion

Women Empowerment Group

Let's talk about women's power, sex, and love.

Graduation Readiness Support Group

In this challenging graduation season, where choices between education and work, returning home or staying in the USA may overwhelm you, we invite you to join our Chinese Psychological Support Group for graduates and soon-to-be graduates. Led by licensed psychotherapists and former career coaches from New York University, we provide a safe space to address anxiety, confusion, and the transition from school to work. Together, we'll explore further education, employment, mental well-being, and career development, offering comprehensive support as you confidently face the future. Don't let graduation season be a time of confusion and frustration. Join us to embrace the unknown, celebrate success, and work towards a more fulfilling future, discovering your boundless potential.


Each session lasts for 90 minutes and includes:
30 minutes of sharing psychology insights + 60 minutes of discussion and group interaction.

  • Week 1: Welcome and Group Introduction

  • Week 2: Discussing the Uncertainty of Graduation Season

  • Week 3: Coping with Psychological Pressure During Graduation Season

  • Week 4: Exploring Choices for Further Education and Job Hunting

  • Week 5: Discovering Personal Potential and Goals

  • Week 6: Building a Career Development Plan

  • Week 7: Enhancing Workplace Skills

  • Week 8: Establishing a Support Network

  • Week 9: Developing Self-Regulation Strategies

  • Week 10: Review and Outlook

Mandarin Art Therapy Group

Looking to meet other Mandarin-speaking students or young professionals? Needing a safe and creative space to explore your racial and cultural identities,  and process their impact on your life?

Needing more creative allies to navigate this world as international students and young professionals?

Or Simply wanting to maintain social connections through arts during this difficult time?

Let's use art and talk to navigate our emotions, the sense of self in between cultures, and relationships.


​Each 90-120 min meeting will include: 20 min check-in + 20min art making + 30 min sharing

The topics may vary based on the participants' requirements.

  • Session 1: Me and Me -Exploring My Identity Across Cultures

  • Session 2: Mapping out - Embracing Triumphs and Challenges on My Journey

  • Session 3: Bridge Drawing - Navigating School

  • Session 4: Sand play - Addressing Social Pressures and Struggles

  • Session 5: Creating a Healing Box - Self-Care and Support Systems

  • Session 6: Free Drawing - Connecting with Emotions

  • Session 7: Role Playing - Confronting Self-Doubt in High Achievers

  • Session 8: Free Drawing - Cultural Influences and Body Image

  • Session 9: Crystal Ball - Gazing into the Career

  • Session 10: Crafting My Future Path - Who Do I Want to Become?

Women Empowerment Group

As a result of thousands of years of male-centered relationships and sex education, most women grew up with limited access to women-centered relationships and sex-positive education.

Young women in the NYC area are facing more challenges exploring racial, cultural gender, relational, and professional identities. 


Our women empowerment program can make a positive impact on the lives of young women beyond relationship and sexual health outcomes. It can also play a role in shaping their life prospects and their social and economic potential. We will discuss relationship and sexuality values, relationship and sexuality in a context, sex-positive and women-centered communication, stages of relationship building, attachment theory, Gottman methods, sexual diversity, body image issues, diet culture and intuitive eating, body positivity, and more. 


Each 90 min meeting will include: 45 min lecture + 45 min group discussion

Session 1: Intro, Relationship, and Values

Session 2: Sexuality and Values 

Session 3: Sexuality and Communication

Session 4: Discovering the Sexual Self 

Session 5: Experience the Sexual Other 

Session 6: Sexual Attraction and Early Relationships 

Session 7: Sexuality and Developing Relationships, Identify what makes romantic relationships succeed (sexual vs nonsexual elements)

Session 8: Sexuality and Committed Relationships, Relationship troubles (Gottman 4 common problems), Attachment vs differentiation

Gottman 7 Principles 

Session 9: Promote Intuitive Eating and body positivity

Session 10: Graduation, Q & A

Asian American Empowerment Group

As Asian Americans, we all experience uncertainty, loneliness, stress, and challenges sometimes. We need support adapting to an unfamiliar environment, getting used to different cultural norms, and cultivating romantic and sexual connections. 

You're not alone. We can embrace cultural, racial, gender, relational, and emotional challenges together!!!!

Everyone is welcome to share their stories and feelings, solve their puzzles, and get to know their true self.


​Each 90 min meeting will include: 45 min lecture + 45 min group discussion

  • Session 1: Welcome to the group & Stress management

  • Session 2: Embracing your emotions & inner child

  • Session 3: Eating and body-image: Intuitive eating and Body Positivity

  • Session 4: Discussions about Identity I: Gender and sexuality 

  • Session 5: Discussions about Identity II: Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

  • Session 6: Interpersonal relationships

  • Session 7: Love and Sex I

  • Session 8: Love and Sex II

  • Session 9: Intimacy and Attachment I

  • Session 10: Intimacy and Attachment II

Queer Support Group

Looking to meet other LGBTQIA+ people?

Needing a safe space to explore your gender identity, sexuality and process their impact on your life?

Needing more allies to navigate this heteronormative world?

Or Simply wanting to maintain social connections during this difficult time?


This group is open-ended groups in that there is no formal agenda for each group meeting. We welcome members to bring up any top related to LGBTQIA+ affirming.

Copying Down

Still unsure about our groups?

A lot of people are unfamiliar with the group modality and expressed concerns about joining groups. We understand. Support groups may have drawbacks but effective groups with skillful group facilitators can help steer away from potential problems.

Click Here for some FAQs.

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