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Cross cultural Counseling
Reclaim your lost voice 


We deeply understand the challenges in the international community. We'll work as a team to address the painful process of loss and separation from home countries, and difficulties to fit in due to language, cultural barriers as well as racial identity issues

Trauma Care
Getting over your wounded past


Trauma is a deep emotional wound! Our integrative trauma treatment can help you find relief from your inner struggle and  cultivate self compassion and motivate you to connect with the others for a more grounded and connected future 

Women's Mental Health

Empower women and girls


We are deeply committed to honoring, supporting and empowering womxn and girls. We will  provide a safe and understanding space to address life challenges and promote emotional, relational and physical health in our community

Sex Therapy 
 Sex matters for all

Let's explore your unique sexuality in a sex positive way. With the guidance of our trained sex therapist/educator, we can bring compassion to your sexual challenges and work toward solutions that are right for you.

Creative Therapies
Let creativity be your super power 

If you are also a believer of creativity, you  have a profound healing power within you already! Let us guide you to maximize your healing power through theraputic arts, imagination, storytelling and more...


Ally Counseling and Therapy is a women owned practice. Our practice focuses on developing relationships with our clients and our community. We value being connected to our neighbors, community partners, and our natural environment. Our practice is safe, culturally sensitive and inclusive for all people to participate in psychotherapy. We are affirming of all LGBTQIA+ and gender diverse individuals. We are dedicated to teaching and empowering people to understand, improve, and take responsibility for their own emotions, relationships and intimacy.

Services at Ally Counseling and Therapy focus on cultural adjustment issues, racial identity concerns, trauma-focused treatment, women's issues, parenting struggles, parental mental health, anxiety and depression, the identification and treatment of  psychosexual and relationship problems, infidelity, LGBTQIA+ issues and more. 

We focus on innovative interventions such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Interpersonal Family Therapy (IFS), Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), Sex Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness-Based (MBCT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Expressive Arts Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Life Coaching and animal assisted therapy. We are strength-based and solution-focused.


Our practice is located in Chelsea and Long Island City NYC. We warmly welcome people all over the world to be a part of our community through Telehealth services.

Meet The Team

Huilin Lai


Tier IV Therapist

Founder, Clinical Supervisor, Certified EMDR Therapist, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Relationship CoachSIFI Certified Field Instructor



Tier III Therapist

English/Mandarin Chinese/Taiwanese Speaking, Art Therapist, EFT couple therapist, Parenting Coach, International Student Coach

Mingyi He


Tier II Therapist

Mandarin Chinese/English Speaking,

Asian and Asian American Identity specialist, Relationship Coach, International Student Life Coach, 

Taoru Huang


Tier II Therapist

Mandarin Chinese and English Speaking ,Queer Identity specialist, relationship coach, sexuality educator, career coach, international Student Life Coach, 

Zhenyi Yang


Tier II Therapist

Certified Bilingual Mandarin Chinese/English School Counselor, Relationship Coach, International Student Life Coach

Tier II Therapist

EMDR Trauma therapist, Mandarin Chinese/English, Japanese/Spanish Speaking ,

Gender Identity specialist, International Student Life Coach, 

 Our  Values

Create Strong Relationships

The longing and wanting for strong and meaningful relationships is our basic human need. We value building relationships within our community and helping our clients to do the same. It’s also our goal to promote strong, lasting bonds within our team and to work collaboratively both in the office and out in the community.

Serve the community

Part of our mission is to contribute to promoting wellness within the community through community involvement, speaking engagements, and financial contributions. We want to reach out to more people in our community and provide therapeutic and psychoeducational services to people of every ability, age, gender, national origin, race/ethnicity, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation.

Invest in qualities

We’re committed to providing the best atmosphere for our clients and our team. It’s seen in our beautiful workspace for our clinicians and a safe space for our clients. We provide continuing education and quality supervision to our clinicians so clients can feel safe knowing their therapist is always growing professionally. 

Promote Inclusions

We’re committed to hiring clinicians of varying backgrounds, beliefs and specialties to better serve diverse and unique experiences of our clients. We value diversity, equity and inclusively within our team. 

Accepted NY and NJ states Insurance plans:

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