Jiachen Wang (he/him)

Tier I therapist/coach

Welcome to the world where you can release and explore yourself.

Perhaps the outside world, your inner emotions, or past traumas caused you stress and pain. Perhaps you're confused about whatever is going on in your life. 

With your permission, I’d like to invite you to join me in creating a safe world together. The world where you can be seen and heard. I always believe counseling is valuable because we can create a time and space only for you. Your rational part, your emotional part, your adult-like part, or your child-like part are all welcomed to this space. 

Perhaps my role a as cisgender heterosexual male gives you a sense of distance. I have been learning and understanding the struggles of women and other genders in a rigid gender binary culture. My journey to becoming a therapist/coach has given me a greater understanding of how toxic the traditional gender culture can be to women and the LGBTQIA+ community. I would like to strive to be an ally to whoever struggles to find their voice in a patriarchal gender binary society. To listen and help you from a more multidimensional perspective and assist you in re-examining your place and role in a gender-unequal society.

My upbringing has shaped me into an empathetic and warm-hearted male. You may or may not believe that toxic male sexuality also hurts cisgender men and creates gaps between different genders. I strive to detox from the toxic male world and use whatever I have as a compassionate male therapist to support your journey of self-exploration. I’m honored to be the very first cisgender heterosexual male therapist in an Asian women-owned therapy/coaching group. 

I also hope to do my best to help the male community re-examine our privileges and reflect on the traditional male stereotypes given by society. With your permission, I’d like to accompany you in finding your authentic self. 

I am here to be a listener by your side. I respect your every right and feel your every emotion. Helping you find the one you want to be. Although life is out of our control, we can find better ways to adapt. I'm glad you trust me to walk alongside you. I'm also grateful for this opportunity to explore and progress together.

My Story

I grew up in a traditional single-parent Chinese family. The challenges I encountered growing up gave me a more profound knowledge and understanding of family relationships and intimacy. My personality has allowed me to gain more empathy in the process. The experience was painful, which was something I have come to realize after studying psychology and counseling. I hope I can use my experience to help you reconcile with your past self.

After graduating high school, I came to the United States to study abroad. I know well in how difficult it is for a high school student to be suddenly dropped into a foreign country to become an international student. I am also grateful that this experience has helped me grow.

The diversity of cultures and ideas in the U.S. has greatly influenced me. A lot of times it resonates with my pursuit of equality, showing me how to understand and empower people in need. I believe maintaining a humble and open attitude is the foundation for learning and healing to happen. 

Therapeutic Approaches: 

My therapeutic style is flexible. We can co-create a therapeutic plan together based on your needs. I can help you using psychodynamic, humanistic, and cognitive-behavioral approaches. I believe you and I are in this counseling process together to explore what works best for you. 

My Specialties:

Depression, anxiety, stress, family relationships, emotional issues, cultural adjustment, identity, gender, etc.


  • Yeshiva University - M.A. in Mental Health Counseling (In process)

  • University of Oregon - B.S. in Psychology, minor in Mathematics

More about me...

I watch movies and read books in my free time. I feel like it's another way to feel alive and help me grow and learn at the same time. Gaming is also my choice for relaxation. I like competitive games like dota2 that require gaming and thinking to win. I also like obscure and epic RPGs like Disco Elysium.

I was a science student in high school and chose psychology as my major in college, which is humanities. These two ways of thinking methods have brought me a lot of help. It also helped me to be able to see from a different perspective.